BS 11000 A New Standard in collaboration.

We hate to keep banging on about standards, what with Health and Safety and Microgeneration Schemes featuring regularly in newsletters, but the promotion of a relatively new BS standard could really go by without a mention.

Their website gets straight to the point. BSI Website Article

In business, as in other walks of life, teamwork can pay real dividends. Companies that work together can often achieve much more than they can achieve alone. The question is: what’s the best way for businesses to collaborate? How can they most effectively work together?

Whilst we wouldn’t suggest our product is the only answer to that question, it’s certainly a step in the right direction with regard to sharing information on projects or documentation of any kind. It’s obvious good practice to share information with colleagues and other team members working together on the same project, including those outside your own business but it’s only recent developments in technology that made it so easy to do.  the emergence of “The Cloud” has brought “online document sharing” to the forefront of many business and project planning agendas. Modern systems allow teams to share project documentation of any type, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, videos in fact just about any sort of content you like.  When you add to that the ability to share calendars, milestones and even assign tasks to colleagues and monitor their progress, you have a project management tool that fits into the “How did we ever manage without this” category.

The emergence of a British Standard only highlights the fact that forward-looking businesses have already embraced the concept. Indeed, the picture overall presents an interesting timeline, technology enables document sharing, businesses embrace the concept and a british standard follows.

The next stage is that those businesses who failed to embrace the concept initially, move to comply with the standard to maintain their credibility and meet their own clients’ accreditation requirements. Sounds familiar?

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