Happy New Year to one and all!

So, what’s in a date? 2010 is going to throw up some interesting numbers or dates, most of us were probably not working on the first day of the year, 01.01.10 which is not a true palindrome (look that one up) but looks like it should be, to those in IT circles it actually represents the binary number 22 – is that significant? Thinking a little further I realise that later in the year we going to see 08.09.10 or, worse still, October will give us a truly magnificent 10.10.10. Going back to palindromes I’m told there is one, but personally I can’t work it out — can you? One thing I have worked out is that February at 10 minutes to 10 will also see the ultimate Lone Ranger date (all together now) 10 to 10 – 10.2.10!